I am looking for any historical data about

Richard Donicht

Wiesenthal (Dramburg)

  • Richard Donicht lived about 1925 until at least 1945 in Wiesenthal (district Dramburg) near to Kallies (Kalisz), which was Germany until 1945 and after 1945 Poland. He had the telephone number 149 and was listed in the population census of 1925, 1928 and also 1939.
  • After 1945 his farm (name was Smugi) was managed by Feliks Bejnarowicz, which was also the major of Kalisz.
  • The farm land had a size of 102 ha.

Please send me an email to donicht@friedrichs.org, if you have any historical data about Richard Donicht or his family.


Source: Landwirtschaftliches Adreßbuch der Provinz Pommern 1939

Smugi / Wiesenthal

  • The coordinates of the farm are: 53°18'59.4"N 15°55'30.4"E (53.316500, 15.925111)
  • You find the farm Smugi 78-540 here on Google Maps
  • You find the farm Smugi also here on OpenStreetMap

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